What is Your Mortgage Credit Score? Find Out For Free and Avoid Getting Ripped Off



Lenders check a number of details when you apply for a home, including your current salary, employment status, debt-to-income ratio, and most importantly, your credit report and your mortgage credit score. Before you begin applying, check your score, not just your report. Your score will be weighted more heavily when buying a home than for most other large purchases you'll make. Just because you are qualified for a brand new car doesn't mean you'll qualify for a home loan.


Cosmetic financing with bad credit is an important issue to consider because most people don't have good credit. This can cause some pretty big problems if you are looking get some sort of plastic surgery operation. There is nothing like wanting to improve your looks and your confidence but not having the financing to achieve that goal.


If you have bad credit and you are unable to get a Visa or MasterCard there are new services that will get you approved for real Visa or real MasterCard. This article can help you start establishing real credit.