Prepaid Debit Cards - A Poor Man's Bank?



Prepaid debit cards are becoming as popular as prepaid cell phone cards. Check cashing shops are feeling the bite as a new, less expensive alternative becomes more and more available. Is the debit card becoming the bankless bank? What you should know about these cards and what offers to avoid.


Your credit score is going to have an affect on you, and even your college-bound child, especially if you're looking to refinance in order to cover some expenses. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you'll receive a new mortgage with a lower interest rate - and remember, unless your rate is being lowered at least two percent, it's not really worth refinancing. If you decide to help out your child by taking out any PLUS loans, your credit score will also be used. And once again, the higher your score, the better the chance you'll get the funding you need.


Everybody wants to have a better credit score, and although lots has been written on the subject, very little has been said about the obvious way to get one. In order to know how to raise your credit score, you need to know how the credit agencies compute them. They all use almost identical systems and they're not overly complicated, and this article explains them clearly and simply.