The Importance of Having Good Credit For Business Start Up Or Expanding



Are you finding it hard to get a loan? It may be because your credit scores are low. Well here are some ways to make your credit scores higher and get the loan you want whether it be for your business or a home.


Did you know that you can legally and technically reduce your debt load by 50%? Did you also know that if you only owe $10,000 to your credit card company that you will have to pay at least $40,000 in interest and this $10,000 will take you over 40 years to pay off? This means that the debt that you charge today is going to follow you into retirement. This does not have to be...


An individual's FICO credit score ranges from 300 to 850 and is determined via a number of factors. The specific formula used by the Fair Isaac Corporation is not revealed specifically as it is considered proprietary information. The general factors that do makeup the score are however known to the public, and consist of the following: